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Booking Rates

Rates are to be negotiated between the agent and client and should never be discussed with artist/stylist. A half day rate constitutes a minimum of two hours to a maximum of four hours per day. Four to eight hours per day constitutes a full day rate. Preparation days are billed at 50% of artists' full day rate. Time and a half will be charged for time booked before 8:00 a.m., after 6:00 p.m. and anytime on Saturday. Double Rate will be charged for Sundays and Holidays. Rates differ and vary for video shoots.

Please Note: Rates vary according to the type of job and the stylists' level of experience.


In the event any services extend beyond eight consecutive hours in one day, client shall pay overtime for artists at the rate of 1.5 times their hourly rates or fees, and if the Services extend beyond 12 hours in one day, client shall pay overtime for artists at the rate of double their regularly hourly rates or fees. For video shoots, overtime rates differ and vary.

Tentative Bookings

Holds are the client's right of first refusal for stylists' time. The agency reserves the right to request firm bookings or releases within two hours of inquiry or definite secondaries will take precedence. All tentatives must be confirmed or are automatically released 24 hours prior to booking schedule.

Booking Agreement

Upon confirmation of all bookings, a booking agreement will be sent by Stilista Agency to the client, which must be signed and returned by the client prior to the commencement of the booking.


Client must sign each Talent(s) voucher at the end of each booking.

Postponements/ Cancellations

If client postponed or cancels any confirmed booking dates with less than 24 hour prior written notice to Stilista Agency, client will be responsible for 100% of Agency's quoted fees, in addition to any expenses incurred in connection with any postponed or canceled bookings.


At the time of the booking be prepared to give clients name, address, purchase order number, job number, and name of individual authorized for payment. We also reserve the right to request full or partial payment in advance.

Payment and Collection Terms

Invoices are payable upon receipt. The unpaid amount of any invoice, within 15 days of the mailing/fax date of the invoice will incur a late payment charge of 2%. After 30 days, a late payment charge of 5% per month will be applied, but not in excess of the lawful maximum.

Agency Fees

All fees for the artist's time, e.g. prep, production meetings, travel, shoot, overtime, down-time, wrap and cancellations are subject to a 20% agency fee.


It is understood that any expenses to be incurred by the stylist while arranging for or purchasing wardrobe must be paid prior to pulling. In the event a job is booked on short notice, we ask that a cashier's or certified check be issued to the stylist in order to avoid possible delays in preparation for the job.

Travel Time/ Accommodations

Client is to pay for all costs of transportation, accommodations, meals and per diems for location bookings that are "outside" the Talent living state. Travel time will be charged at half the hourly rate, this and location expenses are to be negotiated with Stilista Agency. Return and any accommodation arrangements are to be stated clearly by the client at the time of the booking.

Weather Permit

If a booking is 'weather permitting' this must be made clear at the time of booking. At the first cancellation, half the fee is charged if not rescheduled within two weeks of the original booking date. At the second cancellation, the full fee is then charged.

Test Shooting

The product of an artist's unpaid work originally intended for promotional use may not be sold without Stilista's written consent. Limited use projects incorporating discounted work may not be sold for additional usage without Stilista's written consent.

Client Responsibility

1. Disclosure of extraordinary conditions or requirements.
2. Specify Weather Permit.
3. Give the address and phone number of all booking locations.
4. Specify usage at time of booking.
5. Confirm all booking fees prior to actual booking.
6. Provide complete billing information at the time of booking.
7. Provide a safe working environment, free of any form of danger or personal harassment.


Any on-set discrepancies should be reported to the agency prior to job completion.
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