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October 2009 Newsletter

Short, Fat, or Ugly?

STLISTA's Michele Shakeshaft was recently interviewd for Esquire's Fall 2009 Platinum Edition of the Big Black Book.

In this article, she discusses what men shoudl wear and how to groom if they are short, fat, or ugly. Michele suggests short men wear "Verticle stripes to give the illusion of height; single-button jackets that have a deep V at the chest to make the torso look longer; V-neck sweaters."

Check out the rest of the article on page 133 of The Big Black Book found in Barnes and Noble and other magazine outlets.

For more information about or to see samples of Michele Shakeshaft's work, visit her page on STILISTA Agency's website.

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Featured Artist - Tomara Watkins

STILISTA Agency introduces its newest makeup artist, Tomara Watkins. STILISTA is excited to have Tomara as part of its team and looks forward to working with her and developing her makeup artist career. "Tomara is a natural artist. She is able to create a clean flawless look and then switch it up to something more dramatic," states Sandy James, manager of STILISTA Agency.

Tomara has been featured in magazines such as Highlights, Sublime, Mirage, and Six Degrees. She was also the key artist for the first annual Runway Africa Fashion Show at the French Embassy.

Click the image below to see additional samples of Tomara's work.

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Tips from the Agent

When sending inquires to agencies regarding representation, be sure to personalize your email.

Sending a generic email with a list of the other agencies you are sending your inquiry to in the "To:" section of the email is a big turn-off. It tells me that you have not taken the time to research the agencies to see if may fit in with their team.

Take the time to research the agency and speak specifically to the agency in your email. Show that you know what the history of the agency and how you feel you can fit in with their team.

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A Little Inspiration...

"For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it." - Unknown

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